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Frequently asked questions

Do these SIM cards come with credit?

No, the SIM cards are blank and ready to activate with a plan of your choosing. This gives you the flexibility to select the right plan for your needs.

Will the SIM card work in my device?

Please visit FrequencyCheck to check which providers your specific device is compatible with.

What size is the SIM card?

The Starter Kit contains a single multi-fit SIM card in all sizes: Full Size, Micro, and Nano. Just select which size you need and pop the SIM card out of the frame, using the instructions provided in the Starter Kit.

How long does shipping take?

Australia Post advises that international shipping takes between 1 to 3 weeks. However we recommend ordering at least 1 month in advance of your trip to ensure that it arrives in time.

Do the SIM cards expire?

Some of the SIM cards have an expiry date printed on the Starter Kit, and will expire if you do not activate it before that date. We will always make sure to send you a SIM card with a long expiry, however we recommend that you order the SIM card no more than 6 months before your trip.

Can the SIM cards be activated before arriving in Australia?

No. You must be in Australia to activate the SIM cards.

Can you activate the SIM on my behalf?

No. Due to identify fraud prevention, you must activate the SIM yourself once you arrive in Australia.

Do you provide bulk quantities?

Not at this time. You may order up to four SIMs at a time if you are travelling in a group or family.